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    About Sprin

    Receive a more effective respiratory therapy. Sprin’s patent pending inhaler technology enables patients to track their prescription via a digital therapy monitoring platform. This platform provides patients with daily reports on how much of their prescribed dose they inhaled. This information can also help doctors track therapy adherence and refine the efficacy of respiratory therapies.

    Never miss another dose. Most current nebulizers atomize medication continuously, which can lead to inconsistent doses, substance loss, patient discomfort and, in some cases, coughing. The breath-actuated mechanism behind Spin’s atomization does not only make respiratory therapy more enjoyable but it also makes dose tracking much easier. Sprin combines proprietary software and hardware solutions with a breath-actuated mechanism, which makes it the first nebulizer that can delivery trackable doses of medication to patients.

    Sprin contains two cartridges: one for the medication and one for the diluting substance. The IP protected technology behind Sprin enables patients to adjust their dose in real-time based on their prescription. Does the doctor want you gradually decrease dose size? Just press a button and it’s all done. Do you need quick-relief during an asthma attack? Set Sprin to 100% medication and inhale.

    Use Sprin on the go. Respiratory patients have only so many options. Inhalers are difficult to coordinate. Nebulizers are non-portable and require long therapy sessions. Sprin is set to turn respiratory therapy on its head. The device was designed to be portable and easy-to-use. Patients can use Sprin whenever and wherever they want or need. Going hiking with friends? Sprin fits right into your pocket. Want to do your prescribed therapy session on a plane? Don’t worry about it, Sprin is discreet and completely smokeless.

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